The Common Thread campaign is a personal project, created in response to a D&AD New Blood Brief for Amnesty International to create an Integrated Campaign to help young adults make a connection between themselves and human rights.
The way I saw it, the campaign had to trigger people’s curiosity without appealing to guilt. And I wanted to avoid patronising stereotypes of the target demographic as only a digital one.
The yellow thread is symbolic of the connectedness of all people across the world through rights we share. And pulling it shows how you can use your rights to affect rights violations abroad through Amnesty.
Frankly, not pulling a loose thread is a feat of willpower.
Mashup of:
02 Ghosts I, 13 Ghosts II & 17 Ghosts II
by Nine Inch Nails
Me and James engaged in glorious filmmaking. Surrounded by cars for lighting.
L: James responding to my direction. R: Me on my knees, begging forgiveness.
Original Previs for the TV ad shoot.
WIP Previs for the VOD Ad.
Conception, Creation & Direction: Daniel Danielsson
Talent: James Cookson & George Joannides
Propmaster: Matt Lewis
BTS Photography: George Joannides

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