(Yes, that is my name.)

Freelance Creative Director / Motion Designer

Daniel Danielsson is a Creative Director and Motion Artist, specialised in Advertising and Motion for Marketing.
Born and raised in the rugged landscapes of Swedish Norrland, now based just north of London – I am the proud owner of an overactive imagination, passionate heart, and curious mind.

I create Emotive Motion with a Motive – either as part of a team in a studio, or working directly with your business.

Ideally I am part of a project from brief to delivery, but I'm happy to contribute to any part of the process.

I am accepting bookings and new clients.
Contact me to take things to the next level!

Me, in agonising pain from kneeling hundreds of times on rocks in a field for a self portrait.

/// Freelance / Jun 2016 to Infinity & Beyond / Director & Motion Designer
WORLDWIDE: I freelance full-time as a Director and Motion Designer, specialised in Advertising and Motion for Marketing. Working both on-site in studios, remotely, and directly with businesses. I'm usually found near London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire in England, but I'm available to work with clients worldwide.
/// FOTW / Mar 2013 to Jun 2016 / Full-Time
HEXTON, UK: Fall off The Wall (or FOTW) is a creative studio specialising in design and production of motion graphics for TV and Online, known for producing exceptionally strong DRTV ads. After more than three great years I'd gained heaps of valuable insight into branding, TV & Digital Advertising, brand communication and marketing.
/// The Mill / Jan 2013 to Mar 2013 / Work Placement
LONDON, UK: Winning CG Whiz 2011 gained me a work placement at the Motion Department of The Mill in London. I did various bits on active projects; some particle work for a Dancing on Ice spot, stars, galaxies, nebulas and molecules for a Lucozade Advert, R&D for a film about the Riyadh Metro.
/// Kreator / Feb 2011 to Jun 2012 / Freelance
UMEÅ, SWEDEN: I was approached by and signed with Kreator, a Swedish agency/collective for freelancers in the creative industries. Through them I worked on various projects ranging from Roto work to Motion Graphics and complete VFX scenes.

/// Umeå Institute of Design / Sep 2015, 2016 & 2017 / Guest Lecturer
UMEÅ, SWEDEN: For the past three years I've been invited to host a day teaching VFX for the Interaction Design MFA Students. They spend a week learning about filmmaking, during which they create their own short films. Each film must include one or more VFX shots, and it's my task to provide the knowledge necessary to complete them.
/// Coventry University / Feb 2017 / Guest Lecturer
COVENTRY, UK: I was invited by Course Director Sid Porobic to speak about Motion for his Interior Architecture and Design students. I created a smashing Keynote about "Interior Motion Design" – the intersection of the two disciplines and how they can be used to complement and elevate one another.
/// Kreator / Feb 2012 to Jun 2012 / Intern
UMEÅ, SWEDEN: Through Kreator I tutored Rebecka Sandqvist, four hours, twice a week. Introducing her to basic animation/motion principles as well as basics of After Effects and Cinema 4D. We did micro-projects together and reverse engineered some of my previous work.
/// Escape Studios / Jul 2012 to Sep 2012 / Visual Effects Course
LONDON, UK: I attended a 12 week intensive course teaching professional skills and techniques for artists aiming to create visual effects for film, commercials or broadcast television. Software: Maya, 3D Equalizer, Mudbox & Nuke.
/// Laser Unicorns / Jun 2011 to Sep 2011 / Internship
UMEÅ, SWEDEN: Before his Kung-Fury glory, Director and then Motion Designer David Sandberg was just as glorious and took me on for a full-time internship. Most of the time was dedicated to co-creating a Music Video directed by him, but also on a short film concept of his and a product film for Hummel.
/// CG Whiz 2011 / Dec 2011 / Award
LONDON, UK: A competition held by Escape Studios "aiming to uncover future stars of the CG industry". First prize earned me a place on their 12 week VFX Production course, a work placement at the Mill, and a nice bottle of champagne.

Some of the brands / organisations I've done work for – sometimes small, sometimes large, either in a studio or freelancing.