The Common Thread campaign is a personal project, created in response to a D&AD New Blood Brief for Amnesty International to create an Integrated Campaign to help young adults make a connection between themselves and human rights.


The way I saw it, the campaign had to trigger people’s curiosity without appealing to guilt. And I wanted to avoid patronising stereotypes of the target demographic as a purely digital one.

The yellow thread is symbolic of the connectedness of all people across the world through rights we share. And pulling it lets you experience first-hand how you can directly affect rights violations abroad through Amnesty.

Frankly, not pulling a loose thread is a feat of willpower.


Me and James engaged in glorious filmmaking. Surrounded by cars for lighting.
L: James responding to my direction. R: Me on my knees, begging forgiveness.
Original Previs for the TV ad shoot.
WIP Previs for the VOD Ad.

Conception, Creation & Direction: Daniel Danielsson
Talent: James Cookson & George Joannides
Propmaster: Matt Lewis
BTS Photography: George Joannides

Music: 02 Ghosts I, 13 Ghosts II & 17 Ghosts II by Nine Inch Nails

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