I got the opportunity to create Motion Graphics and Artwork for the Swedish Steel Prize event held by the Swedish Steel Company. SSP is awarded to a company that has pushed the boundaries of high strength steel. The theme of the event was courage.


The intro symbolises the manifestation of an idea shattering the boundaries of what was previously possible.

Some cut-downs were needed, and this is my favourite of three.
I also created a looping background of the box deforming, mainly for web use.
There were also less riveting films: 4 nominee films, around a minute each, plus this summary.

Two variations of the 'main' still used on pamphlets, posters, websites, magazines, napkins, tablecloths, curtains, nappies. Anything and everything.
Left: These were printed and assembled as boxes placed around the event, some over a cubic meter. So each one of those sides is 11800x11800px. ~139 mpix per side, 695 million pixels per whole box. That's a lot of pixels.
Right: I also made shards, these were only 6000x6000 each. (So just 648 million pixels of shards in total.)

Previs V2 - Epsilon
Naturally, a lot of the R&D never got to see the light of day.

Client: Swedish Steel Company
Agency: Confetti AB

Direction & Creation: Daniel Danielsson
Concept & Art Direction: Vendela Tedestam
Sound Design: Ola W. Tappert

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